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Flower Delivery During COVID-19

During a time of uncertainty we would like to implement some changes to the way we are delivering our flowers. This is to ensure we are doing our best to protect our drivers and the wider community.
We are using strict hygiene practices to keep your flowers clean so be assured your loved ones can be safe to receive them.
We will either call or send out a text message to the recipient to notify them a delivery is on it’s way and that the flowers will be left at the front, once we have knocked on the door. We will ask that they remain inside their homes till the driver has left. Don’t worry, no details will be disclosed, other than it is coming from us.
If the recipient is not home and a response has not been received we will leave a message to let them know where the flowers have been left.

Some Hospitals and Nursing home are no longer accepting gifts. Please ring your selected hospital or aged care center to confirm if they are still accepting flowers prior to placing your order. Admin charges will apply for cancellation

Our customers are the heart of our business and we are sadden see the disruption it has caused to our community. We will miss the happy, excited faces and responses we receive from our flower delivery. We wish everyone with good health and send you our love during these difficult times ahead…

Flower Substitution:

COVID-19: Due to border restrictions, some products will be unavailable from time to time. If we are not able to fulfill your order, we will contact you.

Note: There has been a price increase on all imported flowers and roses.

Flowers and colours are subject to availability and season. We cannot guarantee your flowers will be the same as the image provided. Every arrangement will be unique in their own way. We will do our best to try and keep the style, feel and tones as similar as possible. A minimum of 48 Hours notice is recommended for us to fulfill your order. Call us if you have any queries.

Orders for Coloured roses may require 48 hours. Note: you can add colour requests into “Helpful Instructions”.

If we are unable to fulfill your order and have to make noticeable changes, we will notify you by email. A response will be required if you choose not to go ahead, within 2 hours of your order.

We guarantee same day delivery….

Deliveries 8 km within Marden (please ring to confirm availability for deliveries outside this zone)

Residential Delivery – Order by 2pm 

Business Delivery – Order by 1pm for deliveries to arrive by 5pm

School Delivery  – Order by 10am for deliveries to arrive by 3pm

SATURDAY: Orders must be place by 12pm

SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLIDAY: No deliveries on these days (except for Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day). Extra charges apply

TIME DELIVERY – If you you require specified delivery times you will need to call us directly. Additional charges will apply. Please ring for requested delivery times. We can only offer you AM or PM delivery request if orders are placed by 12pm the day prior. Note: Not available for Mother’s Day Week / Valentine’s Week / Christmas.

We cannot offer you time deliveries or confirmation during our busy times (Valentine’s & Mother’s Day)

MOTHER’S DAY WEEK: We offer flexible delivery dates. Deliveries will be made on the next available date between May 7- May 10.

We are no longer taking orders for Mother’s. Our deliveries are all booked out.

Mother’s Day Nursing Home deliveries: will be made prior to Sunday. Access to the building is limited on weekends therefore we are unable to deliver on Sunday.

Valentine’s and Mother’s Day – We will be doing our best to get everyone’s orders out as soon as possible.  Orders that are placed on the day please be patience. We are also unable to provide you with confirmation of delivery times as we are busy making arrangements to get them out as fast as we can.

Deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm.

Recipient’s Contact Number: A recipients contact number must be provided. Preferably a mobile number so that we can contact them directly (only as last resort). A landline will not help us when the receiver is not home… Particularly deliveries to apartment buildings, houses with locked gates and on hot days when weather exceeds 35 degrees, we will need to reach them before we proceed with your delivery. A re-delivery fee will apply if we cannot gain access. We understand you may want to keep your delivery as a surprise, the recipient will only know a delivery is on it’s way.

NO RECIPIENT AT HOME – By using our delivery service you agree for our courier to use their best discretion as to whether they can find a secure place to leave your flowers (in the event there is no one to receive them). A calling card or text message will be left to notify the recipient of what we have done. We cannot accept responsibility once they have been delivered. 

All flowers left on the premises will be placed in hidden and shady areas. Flowers (bouquets) without a vase will be left in a container of water. 

WINE DELIVERY – We will require ID for Flowers with wine delivery. We can not leave alcohol unattended without a signature. We will contact the recipient to make this arrangement.

If we are unable to leave the flowers and they need to come back to us. A re-delivery fee may be charged. Arrangements will be made with either the recipient or the sender.


We go to great lengths to find you the freshest flowers each season brings. However, we are dealing with natures beauty and there are a few things like weather and season that may affect the quality of your flowers.

If you follow these simple steps you should get the best out of them.

  • Trim stems on an angle and place them in water as soon as possible (roses prefer to be trimmed under water)
  • Always use a clean vase and clean water.
  • Change water daily or every two days. Trim approximately 2cm off stems.
  • Keep flowers away from air-conditioners, heat, direct sunlight and drafts, these elements drastically shorten it’s life span.
  • Remove brown petals from roses (This will spread to the stem causing it to rotting).
  • Remove wilted and dying petals and foliage.

Flowers will last 5 to 10 days depending on different varieties. Not all flowers are equal. Some flowers are longer lasting.

If your flowers have not lasted for 2 days, and we feel confident that you have followed the care instructions we will be happy to replace them. You will need to contact us within this time and provide us with a photo. We do require that you return the old flowers when we deliver your replacement.


We do not refund orders placed within 48 hours. Orders cancelled outside the 48 hour delivery time will be refunded 50% of your order. Refunds may only be refunded from the account which it was charged.


Your information will only be used for the purpose of this delivery.

We respect your privacy and will not disclose or sell to any other party your private details for any other purpose.

The site has a SSL certificate clearance to protect your details online.

We also use a secure firewall to protect your information.

If you have any concerns, please call us directly on (08) 7225 7539